reCAP Kids: Back to Learning & 3 More R's

A child's education begins in the classroom and grows with each step and every new experience in life.  The key is to inspire a journey that will take children's minds and imaginations from the classroom to the natural world. "America is in the midst of one of the most profound and rapid societal shifts in history. [...]

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reCAP FLIP: Kitchen Strainer for Au Jus

Contributing to the inspiration of reCAP was Karen Rzepecki's commitment to multi-functional design, especially in the kitchen.With a single container and reusable Mason jar lid, you can shake out parmesan today and strain savory au jus tomorrow.  “But wait, there's more.”   Whatever remains doesn't even need to be transferred to another container.  Mason jars store easily in [...]

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Customer Voices: "This is what you need in your fridge."

Customer voices are actual reviews that we share to inspire new ways to use reCAP!  Here's an Amazon review with so many great ideas for our little Mason jar lid:"You know those shopping trips where you go into the store for ONE thing and you come out with a load of stuff you didn't even [...]

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Aperitivo: Non-traditional Caprese Salad

Classic Caprese gets a makeover with this original recipe from the reCAP kitchen!  Traditional flavors of tomato, mozzarella, and basil are elevated with two simple dressings - one with shallot and red wine vinegar - the other with fresh oregano and extra-virgin olive oil.reCAP FLIP is an ideal solution to create dressings, shake them up, [...]

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Can Hipsters Kill the Mason Jar?

At first I thought it was cool. I love Mason jars and have used them for years, then suddenly they were everywhere. Bars. Restaurants. Coffee shops! I was thrilled because four years ago I launched a project on Kickstarter for a specialty Mason jar lid that makes it the most multi-functional container on the planet. [...]

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Aperitivo: Pineapple Infused Vodka

I remember the first time I had pineapple infused vodka (which is quite shocking since it goes down quite easily).  I had just moved back to Erie and met a friend for happy hour.  Nestled in the corner of the bar was a huge glass Mason jar dispenser filled with intricately placed slices of pineapple [...]

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Aperitivo: Berry Bellini & Italian Soda

When it comes to mastering the simplicity of complex flavors, Italians know their way around the kitchen and behind the bar.  As part of our Aperitivo offering, we created a fun, engaging way to serve up our version of the classic Bellini.  A simple peach purée is placed into a glass before filling it with champagne [...]

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Aperitivo: For the Love of Fermenting

By now, you've probably heard about the latest rage of fermenting (even though it is by no means a new practice). America has taken a bite into this crunchy, delicious, and good-for-you phenomena - and reCAP just made it WAY easier. "Fermented vegetables begin with lacto-fermentation, a method of food preservation that also enhances the nutrient content of the food. [...]

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A Summer to Savor: reCAP & Classico Riserva

We're kicking off a summer celebration to savor!Classico® and reCAP® share a passion for the Mason jar both as a natural fit for authentic Italian sauces and as a multi-functional container.  Inspired by the cultural tradition of the Italian happy hour, reCAP and Classico Riserva present The Art of Aperitivo, a series of recipes, how [...]

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Press Release: Mason Jar Maven with a Mission

Mason Jar Maven with a MissionERIE, PA – At an early age, Karen Rzepecki began a lifetime fascination with the Mason jar.  “I’ve always used them.  I guess my starting point was catching fireflies during the summer as a kid.  I’d poke holes in the lid and always had a favorite jar.”  These days, Karen is still catching fireflies in [...]

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