2017 Holiday Gift Guide

1. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments:A fun and easy holiday craft for moms, kids, and pets! All you need is a few metal Mason jar lids and bands, 3 ingredients, and creativity!View the how-to video here.2. Peppermint Sugar ScrubThis sugar scrub smells like a cozy holiday candle and will hydrate even the driest of winter skin. [...]

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Peppermint Sugar Scrub in a Mason Jar

Featuring reCAP® FLIPThese days it seems that my holiday gift list is ever-expanding- and hey, the more the merrier! As a girl on a budget, lately I’ve been looking for gifts that are quick and inexpensive, yet still thoughtful and sweet. That’s when I stumbled across this recipe and was excited to share with my [...]

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DIY Gingerbread Playdough in a Mason Jar

DIY Gingerbread Playdough in a Mason JarThis activity is sure to delight and entertain the kids this holiday season. Moms will love how great it makes the house smell, and kids will love playing with it! Just bake the playdough, put it in a Mason jar, and cap it off with a reCAP® FLIP Mason [...]

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Thanksgiving Leftover Storage with reCAP Mason Jars

Have extra Mason jars on hand? Round them up for your Thanksgiving leftovers!Mason jars plus reCAP Mason Jar lids make perfect storage containers for Thanksgiving leftovers! Easily store and refrigerate gravies, stuffing, squash, finger foods, and other delicious goodies.The POUR lid works very well for storing and pouring gravies and homemade broths in particular. The FLIP lid (now [...]

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Meal Prepping Made Simple

Ditch the brown bag, same old sandwiches, and messy plastic containers. Our reCAP lunch kit provides all the tools needed to make healthy Mason jar lunches! 'Healthy' does not have to be hard. From salads, to smoothies, to homemade trail mixes, there are many easy options you can make in bulk and take to lunch for [...]

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Happy Halloween from reCAP Mason Jars

A little glue, a few cut-outs, and reCAP products create a winning combination of fun and whimsy to get the party started! We transformed Mason jars and reCAP (FLIPs) into popular characters - perfect for parties! This kid-friendly craft is ideal to:- Give as a party favor or gift- Serve food and drinks- Share snacks not [...]

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The Best Mason Jar Hack with reCAP Mason Jars

Here’s a cost effective and nifty add-on to your Mason jar salads and lunches! Featuring the reCAP POUR Mason jar lid.The Dole Cup HackDid you know that those little fruit or Dole cups you'd normally recycle can be repurposed as a dressing, fruit, or nut container? Fitting perfectly in a wide mouth Mason jar, you [...]

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Chocolate Maple Zucchini Donuts with reCAP Mason Jars

Instead of grabbing a package of chocolate glazed donuts from the bakery, make your own healthy alternative! The Mighty Mrs shows you how to make these fun, easy, and guilt-free donuts in her latest blog post.For those who like to buy sprinkles in bulk, the reCAP FLIP and shaker attachments make a fantastic storage and dispensing option.Grab [...]

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White Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe in a Mason Jar

Fall is the perfect time to bring on the figs! Here's another fall fig recipe featuring the reCAP POUR Mason jar lid.This sweet and tangy vinaigrette pairs nicely with salads that call for strong cheeses and grilled meats. You can also use as a marinade or dipping sauce, too! Shake, Pour, & Store [...]

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Fall Fig and Cinnamon Smoothie with reCAP Mason Jar lids

Excerpt from The Inspired HomeBY BROOKE L. ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2017As much as I adore summer, autumn gets me all sorts of excited. The chill in the air. The flipped calendar full of holidays. The final bushels of abundant produce. The comfort food. The warm wool sweaters. The cozy couches full of favorite friends, stopping [...]

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