Top Food Trends of 2017

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Picture: Winter Buddha Bowl by ThatCleanLIfe

With a new year comes new food possibilities. From Kombucha to Buddha bowls, many diverse and tasty healthy foods can fill your Mason jar this year. Remember to take these "to-go" with our FLIPS or POURS!

Here are the top 10 food trends of 2017:

(Number 10 is our favorite!)

1. Seaweed as the new kale in salads.

2. Harissa as the new hot sauce of choice.

3. Sparkling probiotics, kombucha, and teas will continue to replace soda.

4. Fresh turmeric root will be frequently added to recipes.

5. Goat cheese and milk

6. Buddha bowls

7. Alternative proteins such as tempeh, chickpeas, and jackfruit

8. Enhanced transparency in food labeling

9. Repurposing food waste

10. DIY pickling and fermentation

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